Larijani hails Iran’s police as having ‘most immaculate record’

TEHRAN, Dec. 30 (MNA) – The secretary of Iran’s Judiciary Human Rights Council has praised the country’s police as being world’s cleanest police forces.

Mohammad Javad Ardeshir Larijani, who was addressing a high-level coordination meeting of the Council on Tuesday, said that inglorious conduct of the US police in handling the colored people recently stood in clear distinction when compared with the Iranian police, which he described as being ‘free of racial discrimination and ethnic impartiality.’

Larijani highlighted the important responsibility of the police in keeping peace and stability in the country; “the Law Enforcement Forces has been the source of many services the majority of which gone unnoticed in the eyes of the public, since the blessing of security is a blessing in disguise, and when only the lack of it is the case, it gains momentum, being felt badly,” he told the meeting, quoting a related famous quote by the Prophet of Islam, who was oft-quoted as saying that “two blessings are unappreciated: the security and the health.”

“As long as the society feels secure, it would not notice the scope of works done by the police until the situation turns to the contrary, threatening the community members; this is the reason why police and armed forces are under regular monitoring, either by the domestic eyes or by foreign lenses, which these two eyes are totally different in intentions,” Larijani asserted.

Larijani pointed to western countries’ animosity toward the Iranian national experience which was founding a political and civil system based on Islamic thought; “the western eye would not regard us out of sympathy and benevolence; rather, they would grasp any opportunity to inflict damage on this valuable experience,” he asserted, illustrating his case with an example of recent US police handling of black protests in reaction to shooting of a black teenager.

Larijani also touched upon the December 30th 2009 rallies; “today, the many facets of this great epic event is evident on the place; what happened in this day, was an overwhelming conspiracy seeking the overthrow of the system and a coup d’état against the Islamic system, which the western countries many vested interests in the success of the uprising,” he maintained, however, “a high turnout in the street by the public along with the wise measures taken by the Leader and security bodies especially police aborted the plan and with it the enemies’ misguided objectives.”

By Mehr News Agency

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