Saudis give away incalculable wealth to ISIS terrorists

Qom, Dec 28, IRNA – Saudi leaders are giving away a portion of their incalculable, huge wealth to Takfiri Daesh terrorists aimed at sowing the seeds of discord among world Muslim and defaming Islam, Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi said here Sunday.
  “In addition to the oil income, the Saudis gain a huge amount of money each year from the Hajj pilgrims and spend lots of it propagating for the Wahhabi sect and in recent years and in recent years for strengthening the terrorists,” said the grand ayatollah in a meeting with a group of scholars.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi also referred to the high budget allocated to publication of anti-Shi’a books by the Ale Saud regime, seeing example of a book published by them in Indonesia in 5 million copies, which cost the Saudis at least some 1.5 million dollars.

The Shi’a source of jurisprudence expressed certainty that the logic of the Wahhabi sect is seriously deviated from the authentic Islam, arguing: No matter how much they spent to propagate that faith, no one is interested in buying their food for mind.

“Even the followers of the Wahhabi sect are fed up with that faith today, because whatever they do is considered a sign of disbelief from the viewpoint of the Wahhabi clerics,” he said, adding that a day will come when all their flowers will abandon the Wahhabi sect.

He considered highlighting the close relations between the Wahhabis and the Takfiri terrorists a necessity, considering the condemnation of the ISIS by one Saudi mufti as a rare an unnoticeable incidence and expressing certainty that Daesh is a fruit of the Wahhabi mentality.

“The crimes committed by the ISIS are unmatched throughout history, and not even comparable with the crimes of the Mongolian tribe, or the other blood thirsty criminals of history, as the ISIS crimes are the worst,” he said.

He considered campaign against the Wahhabi sect as a dire necessity of the day, arguing that some people might get attracted towards them, or the Takfiri terrorists out of ignorance.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said that the good point is that the world nations are unanimously aware about the criminal nature of the Takfiri terrorists and the need to encounter them, which is why the ISIS is in a very bad status today.



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