Petchem holding eyes fulfilled rated capacity 22mt/y

TEHRAN Dec 28 (Shana)–The Persian Gulf Holding has plans to hit the 22 mt/y of petrochemical output in a bid to reach its rated capacity within the next five years, said the holding’s chief.
Adel Nejad Salim said the holding plans to resolve all of the issues its companies are concerned with in raising their petrochemical production like feedstock shortcomings and operational glitches.

Last year, Persian Gulf Holding could reach only 68% its rated capacity, said Nejad Salim.

On average, he said, each of the holding’s companies could yield 70% of their nominal capacity the last calendar year.

Iran’s calendar year starts on March 21.

Persian Gulf Holding supplied 15.5 million tons of petrochemical products to Iranian and foreign markets last year, Nejad Salim said.

Persian Gulf Holding governs fifteen state-run petrochemical companies: Bandar Imam Petrochemical Plant, Arvand Petrochemical Plant, Shahid Tondguyan Petrochemical Plant, Bou Ali Sina Petrochemical Plant, Fajr Petrochemical Plant, Khuzestan Petrochemical Plant, Petrochemical Non-Industrial Operations Company, Rah Avaran Fonoun Jonoub Company, Nouri Petrochemical Company, Pars Petrochemical Plant, Mobin Petrochemical Plant, Pazargard Non-Industrial Operations Company, Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company, Petrochemical Commercial Company and International Petrochemical Company.

Seven subsidiaries of Persian Gulf Holding are producers, two are utility procurers and the rest are commercial companies.



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