Minister: Saudis devastate Islamic nations’ oil revenues

Feridoun Kenar City, Dec 23, IRNA – Justice Minister said here Tuesday Saudi Arabia is devastating oil revenues of Islamic countries, stressing that although Iran is financially affected, enemies had better know that country’s backing up under such conditions is out of question.
“Saudi Arabia extracts and exports 9 million barrels of oil per day, while we are only exporting one million barrels and this both a shame and a humiliation for that country,” said Mostafa Pourmohammadi, addressing the commemoration service for 43 martyrs of this northern Iranian city in country’s Mazandaran province.

He referred to a period in recent past during the former Iranian president’s tenure when Iran was selling oil at $145 per barrel and the country’s exports was at 2.4 million bpd, while Iran is today exporting less than one million barrels at $56 per barrel price.

Addressing the US, some western countries and the enemies of the Iranian and regional nations, the justice minister said: You have put your hands in each others’, on one hand lower the oil price and on the other hand impose political and psychological pressure against our country, aimed at defeating the will of the Iranian nation.

“That is while the Iranian nation has in recent past tolerated greater pressures and fears nothing in safeguarding the Islamic prestige and the country’s territorial integrity, dedicating many martyrs fearlessly,” he added.

Pourmohammadi said that the Iranian nation knows that tolerating such conditions is tough, but the God given blessings to our land are immense, and obeying the Leader of the Revolution’s orders, based on the rules of the resistance economy, we will use all the opportunities and blessings wisely and can defeat these problems, as well.



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