Annual export of 10m barrels of gas condensates to Asia

Tehran, Dec 19, IRNA – An official of gas condensates terminal of Bandar Siraf said annually 10 million barrels of gas condensates are exported from the port and destinations of most of the ships are Asian countries.
Jamshid Khajehzadeh told reporters that gas condensates of Fajr Refinery are transferred to Bandar Siraaf through two 56-km pipelines.

He said there are four 40-thousand cubic meter tanks for gas condensates (equal to one million barrels) in Bandar Siraaf adding that the ships load the condensates through a single buoy mooring (SBM) which is a few kilometers away from the coast.

He stressed that annually about 50 consignments of gas condensates are loaded through the SBM of Bandar Siraaf and exported to Asian countries such as Japan, the UAE and South Korea.

Khajehzadeh further noted that a plan is on the agenda for connecting the export terminal in Bandar Siraaf to export terminal in South Pars Phase 12 but it has not become operational yet.

Siraaf gas condensate export terminal is located 280 km from Bushehr in the vicinity of Kangan city.

The Fajr Jam Refinery is one of the oldest and largest refineries in the country which started its operation in 1376 (1997-98).

Last year 10 million cubic meters of gas condensates, 32 billion cubic meters of sweet gas and 45 thousand tons of LPG were produced at the refinery.



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