Tehran makes strides to increase city green spaces

The head of Tehran Parks and Green Spaces says there are 15 square metres of green space per citizen in Tehran, which is close to the minimum requirement set out by the the country’s Department of the Environment.

In an interview with ISNA, Ali Mohammad Mokhtari said the standards may vary according to climate and the geographical nature of each area, adding that in Iranian cities, seven to 12 square metres of green space has been set as the minimum standard. The UN environmental program sets the standard at 20 to 25 square metres of green space per capita.

A decade ago, Tehran had 1,200 parks and public green spaces, which has now been increased to 2,000 parks. In the suburbs of Tehran, the green space per head is closer to 23 square metres.

The World of Economy daily reports that trees have been planted on 14,000 hectares in and around the capital over the past six years.

The City of Tehran has a five-year plan to increase its green space per capita to 20 to 25 square metres.

By Radio Zamaneh


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