Hamas official calls for fostering ties with Iran

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar

Gaza, Dec 16, IRNA – Senior member of Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement Mahmoud al-Zahar called for fostering ties with Arab and Islamic countries especially the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday on the occasion of 27th anniversary of the organization’s establishment, he said it was necessary to enhance unity with Islamic countries, Iran in particular, in order to confront the challenges and big threats being posed against Palestine.

He said that despite the 51-day war, the Zionist regime’s all-out invasion against Gaza and foreign plots, the Palestinian Resistance Movement is in the best possible condition.

He said anybody who thinks Hamas might recognize the Zionist regime is just nurturing fantasy.

Al-Zahar underlined that as long as Palestine is not freed from Zionist occupation resistance will continue.

In spite of all persecutions, arrests and assassinations Hamas is facing in the West Bank as well as the enclosed Gaza Strip, the number of members of the organization keeps increasing everyday giving more power to the Resistance Movement.

Comparing the present situation of Hamas to those of the beginning days of its establishment, the official said the organization is now so powerful that the Zionist regime army never dares to enter the Palestinian territories.

He further criticized the persistence of the Palestinian Authority officials for continuation of the compromise procedure, adding that the futile negotiation with the Zionist regime, having started since 1991, has achieved nothing for the Palestinian nation.

Al-Azhar believed the talks are manipulated by the Zionist regime to achieve its own goals.



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