Human rights violation beyond personal tragedy: Ban

TEHRAN, Dec. 10 (MNA) – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his message for Human Rights Day, urged States to respect their commitments over protecting human rights all the time.

In his message, Ban Ki-moon emphasized on protection of human rights as an obligation for all countries and people in all times regardless of their origin, race, social status or beliefs.

He described human rights as a matter of individual justice, social stability and global progress. He said “the United Nations protects human rights because that is our proud mission and because when people enjoy their rights, economies flourish and countries are at peace.”

He rebuked violation of human rights and found it more than a personal tragedy. “They are alarm bells that may warn of a much bigger crisis,” he said.

The UN’s Human Rights Up Front initiative is a way to consider those alarms. “We are rallying in response to violations before they degenerate into mass atrocities or war crimes,” Ban stressed.

Denouncing authorities who deny the rights of any person or group, he called on everyone to advance the struggle against injustice, intolerance and extremism.

“I call on states to honour their obligation to protect human rights every day of the year. I call on people to hold their governments to account. And I call for special protections for the human rights defenders who courageously serve our collective cause,” UN Secretary-General underlined.

He urged all who are concerned with human rights to respond to the cries of the exploited, and uphold the right to human dignity for all.

By Mehr News Agency

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