Zarif: Iran always stands by Syria and Iraq

TEHRAN, Dec. 08 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif and his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem have held joint press conference after Syrian FM arrived in Tehran.

In their joint press conference, Mohammad Javad Zarif welcomed his Syrian counterpart who has arrived in Tehran to attend the 1st International Conference on World Against Violence and Extremism.

Zarif asserted that Iran would continue its support for Syria against terrorist groups and emphasized that the solution to the Syrian crisis was political and internal, rather than foreign intervention.

Iran’s FM pointed to Israeli airstrikes on Syrian facilities near Damascus on Sunday and dubbed it a move by the Israelis to impede Syrian army progress in combating terrorists. “The attack by Zionist regime indicates their support for terrorist and extremist groups in Syria,” said Zarif.

He also talked about the WAVE summit which is going to kick off on Tuesday and asserted that the summit was aimed at showing the world that Islam is against terrorism and extremism.

He also warned those countries who make instrumental use of Takfiris to destabilize region of the harm that would return to themselves. He asserted that “the only way to combat terrorism is a global campaign which is not only militarily, but also cultural and economic to enlighten and empower people,” and urged prevention of funding the extremist groups.

Zarif asserted that Tehran would continue its continuous consultations with Damascus and Baghdad and emphasized that “pressure exerted upon Syria by outsiders should come to an end as soon as possible” to pave the way for political parties to sit and talk for a political solution.

Syrian FM Walid Muallem for his part appreciated Iran’s Leader, officials and nation for their support for Syria against terrorists and said he was going to meet with Iraqi FM Ibrahim Jafari on the sidelines of the summit.

In response to a question about coordination and cooperation among Iran, Iraq and Syria, Muallem maintained that Iran has always supported Syria and Iraq and that Damascus and Baghdad were coordinating in their combat against terrorists.

Meanwhile, in response to media reporters, FM Zarif pointed to Iran, 5+1 talks and asserted that negotiations only cover nuclear issue and nothing else would be discussed in the talks.

By Mehr News Agency

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