Iranian, Iraqi provinces to widen mutual cooperation

TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior officials from Iran’s Southwestern Province of Khuzestan and Iraq’s Southeastern Province of Basra voiced their willingness to boost economic relations, and called on the officials in charge to help private sector activists pick up a bigger share in economic interactions between the two rich neighbors.

In a meeting between Khuzestan’s Governor General Abolhassan Moqtadayee and his counterpart from Basra Majid Mahdi al-Nasrawi on Wednesday, the two governors discussed economic, trade, health and agriculture cooperation and called for strengthening of economic relations between the two neighboring provinces.

“We are interested in practical and serious relations with Khuzestan since it will be in the benefit of the two nations,” al-Nasrawi said in the meeting.

Al-Nasrawi appreciated the high volume of health services of Iran to the Iraqi people and said in bilateral economic committees in the field of agriculture and industry of the two provinces current problems will be examined through understanding and interaction.

Moqtadayee, for his part, called for the expansion of trade and agriculture relations between Khuzestan and Basra and announced readiness for the export of technical and engineering services.

Iran and Iraq have enjoyed growing ties ever since the overthrow of the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, during the 2003 US invasion of the Muslim country.

By Fars News Agency


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