Iranian Commander: ISIL on verge of annihilation

Tehran, Nov 22, IRNA – By the grace of God the ISIL terrorist group is on the verge of full destruction and good news on that respect will soon be heard, Deputy Commander of IRI Joint Armed Chief of Staff Logistical Affairs Brigadier General Mostafa Izadi said here Saturday.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is emerging as a power across the region today, which needs to be kept in account in all calculations and today we are witnessing the signs of export of the culture of the Islamic Revolution of Iran’s culture to Iraq after all those years of the Iraqi imposed war, and its penetration there,” said General Izadi, but he did not elaborate any further on ISIL annihilation.

He said that the Islamic Awakening has roots in the Islamic Revolution and the United States that intended to deviate it from its right path in the region did not achieve its objectives.

“The enemy is trying to deviate the prosperous progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran from its path, including blocking the path of Iran’s penetration in the region and presenting a biased image of the Iranian model, which calls for awareness of our own side,” he said.

Izadi reiterated that the West is today engaged in serious challenges, including their problems in the economic field, which is “probably” the reason why they intend to achieve results in their nuclear negotiations with Iran.

“Today we are faced with very important conditions and we can use those conditions in our own favor on condition that our elites and scientists will make full use of the prevailing conditions,” said Brigadier General Izadi.



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