Iran 16th largest electricity producer in the world

TEHRAN, Nov. 23 (MNA) – Iran has been recognized as the sixteenth largest electricity producer in the world, however, this country generated over 66 percent of its electricity by natural gas in the past year and the share of renewable energies in Iran’s electricity production was less than one percent.

According to the International Energy Agency’s report in 2013, Iran produced 263400 GWh electricity and reached the world’s sixteenth place in production of electrical power.

In 2013, China led the world by producing 5,361,600 GWh electricity. After China, the US statnds in the second place of the world’s largest producers of electricity followed by India in the third place. Japan and Russia could get the fourth and fifth positions in the world rankings respectively.

Iran produced its greatest share of electricity by fossil sources and gas power plants accounted for the largest share of electricity production plants in Iran.

In 2013, Germany, Canada, France, Brazil and South Korea were placed in the sixth to tenth positions of the world’s greatest electricity producers and the United Kingdom, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Italy and Spain ranked tenth to fifteenth.

By Mehr News Agency

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