Speaker: Even Americans admit Iran’s influential role in region

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani reiterated the country’s regional clout and influential role, and said even the US statesmen have admitted to this reality.

Addressing a local gathering in the Northeastern province of Khorassan Razavi on Thursday, Larijani referred to Iran’s huge achievements in regional and international levels, and said that even Americans have admitted Iran’s influential role in the region.

He also criticized those who believed they have succeeded to damage Iran’s economy, and said, “We have run the country with $6 billion during the imposed war time. Today the situation is different and we have learnt how to overcome difficulties.”

In relevant remarks on Monday, Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli underlined that the country’s influential role in the region and its regional clout made Washington to sit to the negotiating table with Tehran.

“Iran’s regional clout forced the US to hold negotiations with Iran,” Rahmani Fazli said in a meeting with Head of the Central Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party Meng Jianzhu in Tehran.

He said that the US has led the imposition of cruel sanctions against Tehran to restrict Iran’s regional clout.

Rahmani Fazli downplayed the effects of sanctions against Tehran, and said, “The Iranian people and government have always proved that they enjoy the spirit and power of resistance against the enemies’ bullying and prates.”

By Fars News Agency


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