Iranian, French diplomats hold 6th round of consultations

Tehran, Nov 13, IRNA – French Foreign Ministry’s Middle East & North Africa Director Jean-François Giroux who is here to exchange opinions on bilateral ties and regional developments met Foreign Ministry’s West Europe Director Abloghsam Dolfi here Wednesday.

In this 6th meeting and consultations between the two countries’ diplomats in recent past Dolfi highlighted the significance of meetings and consultations between the two countries’ politicians, considering several rounds of dialogues between the diplomats of Tehran and Paris of great importance in strengthening bilateral ties.

He meanwhile referred to the Iran-Sextet nuclear negotiations and the constructive role that France has played in them towards achieving a final comprehensive agreement, expressing hope that the existing potentials in the two countries’ relations will be used maximally.

Dolfi said that development of economic, cultural and parliamentary relations in line with the two countries’ diplomacy will be important in strengthening the Iran-France cooperation, including in campaign against narcotic drugs trafficking and terrorism.

The director of the French Foreign Ministry’s Middle East and North Africa Affairs, too, considered Iran-France dialogue useful and expressed satisfaction over the increased cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

He referred to the two countries’ presidents’ meetings in New York during the past two years, considering them as strong will of the two countries’ top politicians’ will to further strengthen bilateral ties in line with shared interests of the Iranian and French nations.

Jean-François Giroux said that Paris wishes the Iran-E3+3 talks will lead to signing a comprehensive agreement between the two sides within the defined period.

The French diplomat referred to the regional developments, especially in Iraq and Lebanon and the two countries’ shared viewpoints on the threat of extremism and the criminal acts committed by the ISIS.

He also highlighted the positive role that Iran plays in resolving the regional crises, emphasizing that Iran is not only full of attractions for the foreigners, but also currently the most secure country in the region for the tourists.

The French diplomat has in this visit also met and conferred with the Iranian deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs.



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