Mousavian: US administration must give guarantee lifting sanctions not to face Congressional objection

New York, Nov 8, IRNA – Former Iranian nuclear negotiator Hossein Mousavian said on Saturday that the US administration must give guarantee lifting the sanctions not to face the Congress objection.

Mousavian made the remarks in an interview with Brazilian Robert Inhorven, negotiators from Brazil and Ruc Rio foundation who study current nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mousavian said that nuclear deal between Iran and G5+1 is possible 100 percent in line with the Non-Proliferation Treaty until November 24.

Expectations of global powers are beyond NPT, causing prolongation of the nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1, Mousavian said.

A prolonged deal beyond NPT will be very vulnerable, he said.

“If the US and other big powers show good faith, the two sides will be able to implement their commitments within six months but, the US seeks a 20-year period,” he said.

The major problem is that the US Congress, the initiator of the sanctions, should make decision of lift them and not the US Administration, he said.

He said that the US president can lift the sanctions imposed on Iran by the White House but is not in a position to lift the sanctions imposed by the Congress.

Mousavian said that the western governments want Iran to immediately and forcefully carry out its obligations in short time, but, there are stumbling block in the reciprocal action the United States must take and that the US Administration must undertake to persuade the Congress to lift the sanctions.

“If Iran carries out its obligations and the IAEA put seal of approval on them, there will be no guarantee the US Congress will lift the sanctions,” he said and advised Iran not to sign any deal in which fate of sanctions are vague.

Elaborating on the civilian nature of the Iranian nuclear program, he made clear that Iran has no weapons program.

“If there is a political will and good faith among the western governments, the alleged military dimension of the Iranian nuclear program will be resolved within two months,” he said.



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