South Pars Gas Complex revenues hit $989m

A view of the installations in Iran’s South Pars region (file photo)

Tehran, Nov 5, IRNA – South Pars Gas Complex has earned $989 million from producing more than 1.6 bcm of gas in the first half of the current calendar year which started on March 21, the SPGC managing-director said.


Masoud Hassani said the output was achieved thanks to 40% decline in the duration of basic repairs, reported.

He also said that the company’s propane production in the first half of the year was up 272% year-on-year while butane production showed 59% increase.

SPGC’s production has increased gas injection into Iran Gas Trunkline-5 (IGAT-5) by 78%.

IGAT 5 is 56 inches (1,420 mm) in diameter and transfers sour gas produced in phases 6, 7 and 8 to Khūzestān Province to be injected into the oil wells.

Meanwhile, IGAT-10 is expected to become operational in December.

Managing Director of Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company Ali-Reza Gharibi said IGAT-10 is a strategic gas transmission pipeline of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC).

He said that hydrostatic test is being conducted on 70 kilometers of the pipeline, adding that 11 kilometers of the pipeline still remains to be ready.

IGAT-10, which is 632 kilometers long, can carry 70 mcm/d of gas. Three gas pressure booster stations are installed on IGAT-10 which stretches in central Iran.

“By operating this trunkline, the gas transmission capacity and sustainability in central Iran will increase,” Gharibi said last week.

Iran Gas Trunkline (IGAT) is the series of large diameter pipelines constructed from gas producing areas in the south of Iran (Khuzestan and Bushehr Provinces) in order to transfer natural gas to the consumption centers in northern part of the country.

National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)’s trunklines are to be extended to 35,000 kilometers in the current calendar year to March 2015.

NIGC Planning Director Hassan Montazer Torbati has said that NIGC plans to extend Iran Gas Trunkline-10 (IGAT-10), IGAT-6 as well as to complete IGAT-4 and IGAT-8 stations.

“The company is ready to transmit 80 mcm of gas this year and 100 mcm of gas next year,” he said.

Extension of IGAT-6, IGAT-7 and IGAT-9 will facilitate gas exports to Europe, Iraq and Persian Gulf littoral states.

While extending infrastructure in the country, NIGC plans to boost its presence in world markets.

IGAT-6 and IGAT-9 are covering the west of Iran while preparing the grounds for exports to Iraq, Turkey and Europe.

IGAT-7 will facilitate gas exports to Persian Gulf littoral states.


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