The UN in Iran key development achievements and results: Poverty reduction

Children playing in Pasack village in Sistan and Baluchistan province

Iran’s Human Development Index (HDI) value for the year 2013 was 0.749, placing Iran 75th out of 187 countries in terms of its human development.  Iran has witnessed a decline in extreme income poverty, with only 1.39% of the population living on less than two US dollars per day in 2008 compared with 4.84% in 2000.

2 Nov 2014 - The UN in Iran Key Development Achievements and Results Poverty Reduction

UN in Iran key achievements in  poverty reduction 

However, when the level of inequality in Iran is factored in, the country’s ranking in terms of human development falls.Under the poverty reduction priority area, the UN system has paid particular attention to strengthening national and sub-national development planning capacities to promote inclusive economic growth, as well as to support Iran’s Economic Reform Plan process, provide technical and vocational education, and improve the availability and use of data The UN has worked towards two main outcomes under the poverty reduction priority area:

•    To promote inclusive economic growth, sustainable human development, social and economic welfare, and prevent poverty.
•    To ensure that poor people have improved enhanced access to education, health and social protection programmes.

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