Iran ready to export various types of hi-tech goods to Russia

Moscow, Oct 31, IRNA – Iran is ready to export various types of high technology products to Russia, visiting Iranian Vice President for Scientific and Technological Affairs Sorena Sattari said here.
Dr. Sattari made the proposal in his Thursday night meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkadi Duracovich and Education and Sciences Minister Dimitri Livanov, while consulting with them on Iran-Russia cooperation.

In the meeting in the presence of high ranking Russian officials from industrial and scientific fields, Sattari referred to the achievements of the Islamic Republic in various technological fields and exemplary craftsmanship and expertise of the talented Iranian technicians.

The Russian deputy prime minister, too, said in the meeting that cooperation with Iran in various technological fields is of great importance for Moscow, reiterating that Russia is interested in cooperation with Iran is construction of electrical and oil industry facilities, as well as modern automobiles.

Durakovich said that Russia is also ready for cooperation with Iran in aerospace engineering, scientific and academic research, and construction of gas operated turbines.

The Russian Education and Sciences Minister, too, said that his country is ready to allocate more scholarships to the Iranian university students interested in studying in Russia.

Iranian Vice President for Scientific and Technological Affairs Sorena Sattari who arrived in Moscow on Monday is in Russia on a for a five-day visit.



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