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President: Iran to expand economic ties with world even under sanctions

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed optimism about reaching an agreement with the world powers on Tehran’s nuclear program, but meantime, underlined that Iran will develop its economic relations with the world states even under the western embargos.

Speaking in a press conference in the Northwestern province of Zanjan on Wednesday evening, Rouhani said good steps have been taken for reaching a permanent nuclear agreement with the world powers, adding that access to a final agreement in the remaining time is possible.

Rouhani said reaching an agreement on an important issue with six world powerful states is not easy, but initial experiences indicate that we can have a successful agreement with them.

The president said we need better relations with the world for economic development.

Rouhani said his government has plans on economic issues with the neighbors and a number of big powers, which could be performed even under sanctions.

Also on Wednesday, addressing a gathering of local people in Zanjan, Rouhani underlined that the country would continue talks with the world powers to restore its right of using the peaceful nuclear technology and remove the sanctions.

He said that Iranian nuclear negotiating team has the support of both the Supreme Leader and the nation, underlining that Iran is resolved to continue its constructive interaction with the Sextet of world powers to narrow down differences over its civilian nuclear program to remove all sanctions for ever.

The president said Iranians should be confident that the country’s officials, particularly nuclear negotiators, would never compromise on national interests under any conditions.

By Fars News Agency


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