Riyadh could face Muslim world boycott over execution of Nimr: MP

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A senior Iranian lawmaker warned Saudi Arabia that it could face boycott by the Muslim world unless it thinks twice about executing top Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.
 “If Saudi Arabia wants to make the mistake of executing prominent cleric, Sheikh Nimr, it should expect boycott by the Islamic world against its interests,” Vice-Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mansour Haqiqatpour told the Tasnim News Agency on Saturday.

The lawmaker also cautioned that Riyadh’s decision to impose death penalty on the Shiite cleric will ignite the “flames of wrath” which would burn the Saudi leaders, whom he blamed for the mercenary attitudes.

Warning about the consequences of death sentence against Nimr, the MP noted that the move will result in decline in relations between Tehran and Riyadh.

“The execution, if carried out, will negatively affect the political and regional ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” Haqiqatpour cautioned.

Sheikh Nimr was detained in July 2012 following demonstrations that erupted in February 2011 in Qatif region. He is accused of delivering anti-regime speeches and defending political prisoners.

His arrest has sparked widespread protests in Saudi Arabia, leaving several people dead.

Activists say there are over 30,000 political prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

International human rights organizations have criticized Saudi Arabia for failing to address the rights situation in the kingdom. They say Saudi Arabia has persistently implemented repressive policies that stifle freedom of expression, association and assembly.

By Tasnim News Agency


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