Kobani: anger grows as Turkey stops Kurds from aiding militias in Syria

A Turkish army tank, on the Turkey-Syria border on Wednesday, with Kobani in the background. Photograph: Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

Kurdish insurrection gathers steam against Ankara’s ‘inaction to protect Turkey’ as well as against Islamic State incursion

The sense of betrayal is palpable. The Kurds on Turkey’s southern border with Syria are embittered as the tragedy of Kobani unfolds before their eyes on the other side of a wire fence.

In Syria, Kurdish fighters of the YPG militias are beleaguered. They were unaided, apart from the pin pricks of occasional western air strikes, until Tuesday when the US-led allies started to bomb Islamic State positions during the day, slowing their advance.

Many now fear that without a more substantial ground offensive, YPG forces will be unable to prevent the fall of Kobani.

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