Zionists control flow of information to US leaders: Iran cmdr.

Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces has pointed to influence of Zionists in the White House and US institutions, stating that the flow of information to American political leaders is being controlled by pro-Israel elements.

“Due to the influence and dominance of Zionists over the US power structure, the information channels of US officials are under the sway of what has been created by Zionists,” Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said on Wednesday.

The top commander further noted that genuine news that could help US authorities realize the facts are either being censored or distorted in the United States.

Firouzabadi added that as long as US officials do not want to free themselves from the yoke of Zionists and purge US intelligence services from their presence, the rights of people will continue to be trampled.

“The American people, prior to any other demand, must be pushing for the Zionists to be purged from the White House, the Congress and US intelligence services. Otherwise, their problems like racism, violation of the rights of the oppressed, discrimination in the United States of America and the spending of taxpayers’ money for the benefit of Zionists will not be solved,” he stated.

A newly-published US national security document shows that the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2007 singled out Israel as a top spying threat to the United States.

The NSA document, obtained by US surveillance whistleblower, Edward Snowden, also emphasized on the threat from Israel’s “development of weapons of mass destruction” and “delivery methods (particularly ballistic and nuclear-capable cruise missiles).”

In one section of the document, Tel Aviv was ranked as a top perpetrator of “espionage/intelligence collection operations and manipulation/influence operations…against US government, military, science & technology and Intelligence Community” organs.

By Press TV


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