Yemenis should never trust US, Saudi Arabia: Analyst

A prominent political commentator says the Yemeni people should never trust the United States and its regional ally Saudi Arabia and should not consider them honest power brokers.

Randy Short made the remark in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Sunday while commenting on a recent power-sharing deal between the Yemeni government and Ansarullah revolutionaries.

“How can the Saudis be seen as honest brokers as much as they have history of being on wrong side of or on the opposite side of anything they see as Shias. Even within Saudi Arabia, they oppress, kill and imprison and torture leadership of the Shia community, which forms one-third of the population,” Short said.

He added that the Saudis don’t want any representation of Shias in any part of the government.

On Saturday, the Ansarullah activists, also known as Houthis, signed the accord as part of a comprehensive agreement with pro-government Salafist Islah party and other parties.

The deal includes the formation a new inclusive and representative government with a non-partisan premier.

Short said the Houthi protesters shouldn’t return home unless they make sure that the deal is not hijacked by the Saudi monarchy and that their rightful demands are met.

The analyst also added that Saudis and other Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf region have been brutalizing the Shia Muslims and violating their basic rights in recent years.

Short went on to say that Washington and Riyadh have inflicted huge sufferings on the Yemeni people over the past decades.

He also concluded that Washington created militant groups such as al-Qaeda, and the ISIL “just like cookies in a factory” to advance its agenda in the Mideast region.

By Press TV


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