Iranian PhD student revolutionizes plastic surgery

TEHRAN, Sep. 17 (MNA) – Iranian Sydney University PhD student Ali Fathi is changing the face of medicine with his new healing, injectable invention.

Iranian Sydney University PhD student has developed an injectable biomaterial that will allow patients with really bad cartilage damage or spinal cord injuries to avoid unnecessary surgery.

Interestingly, it was originally developed as a new material to help patients with serious bone fractures; however, this Iranian scientist expanded his invention and pronounced himself a hero in the cosmetic surgery industry.

His material can act as an alternative to existing dermal fillers to puff out wrinkles, saggy cheeks or lips.

What distinguishes his material from other already available not-so-effective materials is that it helps the skin to build new issues and remove wrinkles.

“We can generate new muscles and skin under the skin, so we won’t have wrinkles,” Mr Fathi said.

The material is liquid at room temperature, but converts to a gel when injected into the body. It acts as a scaffold for new cartilage and tissue to grow and dissolves afterwards, without leaving behind any trace.

At the moment, this innovation is used to heal fractured bones, but it will soon be utilized in plastic surgery.

According to this scientist, this material can also be used to stabilize dental implants and, hopefully, to help victims of spinal fractures.

By Mehr News Agency

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