Iranian book among Moscow Book Fair top ten

TEHRAN, Sep. 14 (MNA) – Iranian writer Mohammadreza Bairami’s historical novel “The Dead of Green Garden” was chosen as one of the top ten titles in Moscow Book Fair 2014.

“The Dead of Green Garden”, written by Mohammadreza Bairami and translated into Russian by Alexander Androshkin, was chosen as one of the top ten titles of this fair.

The novel, which is set in Tabriz, chronicles incidents during the Azerbaijan People’s Government, a short-lived Soviet puppet government in northern Iran from November 1945 to November 1946, from the viewpoint of a reporter named Balash and his son Amir-Hossein.

“The original idea for the story came to me from a far-away memory,” Bairami said, “It goes back to the time when Azerbaijan’s Democratic Party was defeated. As they were retreating toward the Soviet borders, two of them found themselves in our village; one of them was killed during the upheaval and the killer wore his shirt with a bullet hole in it to show off his achievement of having killed a sectarian.”

“Some of the material for my book comes from facts and historical events, but mostly they are based on imagination,” explained Bairami about the origin of his book.

The 27th International Moscow Book Fair that ran from September 3 to September 7, brought together all the major Russian and international publishing houses, among which more than 500 titles belonged to Iran.

By Mehr News Agency

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