Takht-e Ravanchi

Iran, EU3 to hold bilateral nuclear talks in Vienna

Tehran, Sept 10, IRNA – A senior Iranian nuclear negotiator said bilateral talks with Britain, France, and Germany will start in Vienna on Thursday , adding that Iran and Britain will reopen their embassies in London and Tehran before long.
‘Bilateral talks are intended to clarify the latest stand of the negotiating parties,’ the Deputy for Euro-American Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Majid Takht-Ravanchi told IRNA. ‘Likewise, we held talks with the American side in Geneva last week.’

On the talks with other members of the G5+1, he said, ‘Previously, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif negotiated with his Russian counterpart in Moscow. He will also meet the Chinese foreign minister on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.’

He said the bilateral talks are a warm-up to the upcoming round of negotiations between Iran and the G5+1 in New York slated for September 18, which will follow talks with the former EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton.

‘We keep taking part in the negotiations with hope and good-will. It is a demanding and complex task,’ said the senior diplomat.

‘To move forward, requires the political will and mutual good-will of the opposite side and to address the issues within the frameworks of talks,’ Ravanchi noted.

Expressing the hope that the opposite side will enter into talks with mutual good-will and with the genuine interest to settle the issue, the Iranian negotiator said, ‘Then, we think we can reach a conclusion prior to November 24 (deadline).’

‘We are confident on our side and will negotiate based on the win-win framework.’

On the possibility of increasing the level of negotiators, he said, ‘There is no need for this. The negotiations are at the level of foreign ministers and Ms. Ashton. And deputy ministers hold the bilateral talks.’

To a question on the reopening of Iranian and British embassies in London and Tehran, the diplomat said technical negotiations are on the way which take time. ‘God willing, with the completion of the process, the two embassies will start working officially.’

He declined to give an exact date but said, ‘We hope this will be in the shortest (possible) time.’

Also answering a query on the sabotage attempts at Iran’s nuclear facilities, the deputy foreign minister said such acts have proved useless.

‘In the past, the enemy has tried to disrupt our peaceful nuclear activities. Thanks to God, there has been resistance to such sabotage moves and our peaceful program is on the track,’ Ravanchi added.



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