Wastewater treatment pilot plant in Iran petroleum industry

TEHRAN August 10 (Shana)–Fajr Petrochemical Company’s R&D Center plans to design wastewater treatment pilot plants within the framework of its strategic objectives of safeguarding the environment.

 Azim Mojarrad, director of Fajr Petrochemical R&D unit, said:  “In this pilot plant, all industrial as well as health wastewaters could be analyzed. Moreover, all petrochemical plants producing industrial wastewater can use this pilot plant for assessing and analyzing the wastewater.”

He said that the pilot plant designed to treat Fajr Petrochemical Company’s wastewater, five biological processes have been integrated for that purpose, adding: “It means that all processes which should normally be assessed in separate pilot plants have been integrated in this pilot with all technical and theoretical aspects being taken into consideration. This project significantly reduces construction costs.”

Mojarrad said this pilot plant, whose capacity is one cubic meter per hour, is being constructed on 224 square meters of land.

This project is aimed at increasing the capacity of wastewater treatment units, providing better conditions for the treatment of wastewater, using new chemicals for more effective treatment of wastewater and facilitating more research on wastewater treatment.

“The technical knowledge for integrating five biological wastewater treatment units in a single pilot plant is the main innovate aspect of this project. Furthermore, testing and optimization of domestically produced chemicals, reduction of pilot construction costs for access to technology and optimization of process are other innovative aspects of this pilot,” said Mojarrad.

He said that this pilot plant can become an industrial plant to serve other sectors.

The project, whose implementation lasted one year, has cost IRR 8 billion.



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