1000s of Iraqi refugees cross into Syria to flee ISIL violence

Thousands of displaced Iraqis, mostly from the Yazidi Kurdish community, have crossed the border into Syria to escape the ISIL violence in Iraq.

On Sunday, Iraqi refugees from the town of Sinjar arrived in Syria after their town was captured by the Takfiri ISIL militants.

The Takfiri group accuses the Kurdish community of worshipping the devil, saying they should convert to their version of Islam, pay religious tax, flee or face death. The Yazidis are followers of an ancient religion derived from Zoroastrianism.

Nearly 40,000 Iraqis from the Yazidi population have taken refuge in nine different locations on Mount Sinjar amid the terrorist activities of the ISIL in the region.

They are at risk of starvation and some countries have begun airlifting food and water to them.

Iraq’s Human Rights Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani says the ISIL terrorists have executed at least 500 members of the Yazidi Kurds after seizing Sinjar on August 3, adding that the ISIL terrorists even burned alive some of their victims, including women and children.

The Takfiri group has also kidnapped some 300 women as slaves.

The ISIL has taken several towns since it intensified its attacks in Iraq in mid-June. The Iraqi army is engaged in fierce fighting with the ISIL militants to push them out of the captured areas.

Hundreds of thousands of members of the Shabak minority group in northern Iraq also moved to Iraq’s Erbil after walking for days from the district of Al-Hamdaniyah in Iraq’s Northern Nineveh Province after ISIL took over their towns and forced them to flee.

By Press TV


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