UN silence on Gaza massacre shameful: Prayers leader

Tehran, Aug 8, IRNA – Tehran interim Friday Prayers leader Kazem Seddiqi criticized the UN and other so-called human rights advocates for their silence on Zionist regimeˈs crimes.
Addressing congregational prayers in Tehran University campus, Seddiqi said the prime subject of the Islamic world today was that of situation in Gaza.

He noted that the issue was addressed by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Eid al-Fitr while talking to a number of officials and Muslim statesˈ ambassadors in Tehran.

Recently, Gaza witnessed ferocious wrong doings which added dark pages to the history of humanity.

The ˈblood-thirsty wolfˈ (Zionist) regime has established a faked statehood in its name, he said.

The Zionists launch at times barbaric attacks in the occupied lands and commit anti-human crimes against the real owners of the lands, he said, noting that this time, they added another dark page to their record by massacring 2,000 people, most of whom children and women.

However, stranger than Zionistsˈ crimes is the silence of the international institutes which have apparently been established to defend the oppressed people and block tyranny, he said.

The UN has on several occasions been disgraced in the face of anti-human disaster, he said, noting that the most shameful was when the body together with other so-called human right advocates closed their eyes to the recent Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

Seddiqi strongly condemned bombing of schools, hospitals and mosques by the Zionist regime, saying that such crimes went unnoticed by the international bodies.

He also slammed regional countries for their silence over war crimes, saying that they claimed to be Muslims but refused to condemn Israel; implicitly considering Hamas as culprits.



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