Burned in the flames of love for his students

Tehran, YJC. Omidzadeh was a teacher who saved 30 students when the class was burning in flames.

Hassan Omidzadeh was a teacher from Shaft, Guilan. In the February of 1997, the school where he was teaching caught fire.

The devoted teacher showed great boldness to save 30 students, where he himself was burnt severely in the face and around his head.

Omidzadeh brought the students out one by one when the door was closed and he had to struggle a lot to take himself out of the room.

His injuries were so severe that he was operated 17 times.

After suffering the injuries for years, he died on July 18, 2012.

Tasnim news agency reports that a memorial is going to be held for the teacher on July 31.



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  1. Hassan Mostafavi

    He was a hero in the humanitarian meaning of the word. He did kill to win the title . He saved lives by endangering his own life.
    Unfortunately he didn’t receive the recognition he deserved in his life time. Now memorial after he is gone ? Better than nothing, but it would have been much better if he was given full honour and recognition in his life time.
    I think a special medal and honour title should be created on his name , with special material advantages(i.e.monthly pay,house,car,etc.) , by the government of Iran. “Hassan Omidzadeh Medal &honour certificate for Humanitarian Heroism.”