Iran’s envoy: Gaza’s incidents showing West’s double standards on human rights

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanayee condemned the recent Israeli attacks on the defenseless Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, saying that the bloody incidents in the besieged enclave showed West’s double standards towards Human Rights issues.

“The bloody incidents in Gaza in the month of Ramadan once again showed the West’s double standards and inhumane behavior towards Human Rights issues,” Sanayee said, addressing a conference on International Quds Day in Moscow on Saturday.

He noted that the world public opinion after observing the savage massacre of the defenseless people of Gaza asks the question why the United Nations and their affiliated bodies such as the UN Security Council and Human Rights organizations sometimes issue different reports on a particular case and condemn them, while they have remained silent about the massacre in the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, the Iranian demonstrators participating in the International Quds Day rallies in their final resolution condemned the Zionist regime’s brutal attacks and genocide of the innocent people in Gaza, and voiced support for unity and solidarity of the Palestinians against the occupiers.

The International Quds Day Rallies this year witnessed a stronger and wider public turnout in all the world countries due to the recent surge in the Zionist regime’s brutal attacks on the innocent and defenseless population in Gaza.

Millions of people took part in the International Quds Day rallies in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people today.

The International Quds Day is an annual event opposing Israel’s occupation of Beitul-Muqaddas. Anti-Zionist rallies and demonstrations are held on the last Friday of Ramadan in Muslim and Arab countries around the world, specially in Iran.

By Fars News Agency


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