Judiciary chief asks certain Muslim states to stop companionship with Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani called on certain Muslim states to stop being an accompany of Israel, and urged the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to stop the suffering and agony of the Muslim nations in Palestine, Iraq and Syria.

“If world Muslim states grew aligned and moved on the path of divine guidelines and if a number of them didn’t collaborate with the aggressors, the situation of the region wouldn’t be like this; it is pity that some Islamic countries have aligned with the enemies of Islam or support Takfiri and Salafi groups to attack Muslims in Iraq,” Amoli Larijani said, addressing high-ranking Judiciary officials in Tehran on Wednesday.

He also condemned the “crimes committed against innocent children” by bombing Gaza “and “nightly and brutal raids” on the Palestinian men and women, and described them as clear  instances of “crime against humanity”.

Amoli Larijani underlined that the only solution to these problems is unity among Muslim states, and said Islamic organizations and institutions, including the OIC, which have been created in pursuit of establishing unity among Islamic countries should now be activated so as not to allow the Muslim world to experience more catastrophes.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani described the Palestinian issue as a test of the Muslim states to see if they converge, and said soothing the pains of the Palestinian people should be the main focus of the Muslim world.

“The Muslim states should set aside and forget their minor and worthless differences and pay attention to the concerns which threaten the overall Islamic world at the head of which the Palestinian issue,” Larijani said, addressing the Islamic countries’ envoys in Tehran.

“This field presents a test for the Muslim states to create convergence among themselves,” he added.

Larijani underlined that the Palestinian nation enjoys good power to defend itself, and added, “If the Islamic countries help them a little, the resistance will gain victory.”

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports the position of the Palestinian people and convergence among Muslims and sides with and helps the Palestinian nation in any possible way.

Israel has been pounding the blockaded Gaza for 9 consecutive days, killing at least 202 people and injuring more than 1,500 others.

According to the UN, 77% of the victims in Gaza are civilian and defenseless people.

By Fars News Agency


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