Rafsanjani: Nuclear talks will bear fruit if G5+1 do not seek excessive concessions

Tehran, July 14, IRNA – Chairman of the Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Monday that the nuclear talks will bear fruit if the western governments do not seek too much concessions.
Speaking to Italian Ambassador to Tehran Luca Giansanti, Ayatollah Rafsanjani said that nuclear talks have reached sensitive stage and that the dialogue will reach a good result if justice is observed.

He expressed deep concern about the current waves of violence and bloodshed in Gza and said that Israel is the symbol of state terrorism and the Israeli leaders have perpetrated the worst form of violence against the defenseless Palestinian people who are in fact under siege in Gaza.

He exchanged the views with the Italian ambassador on the regional situation, especially Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq and said virus of terrorism has spread to the regional states which is dangerous for all.

He said discord among regional states has created a suitable atmosphere for growth of terrorists.

ˈThe green light the world powers are showing to terrorists, especially the usurper Israeli government opens the way for them and they do not know the nature of terror would hit them once in a day as seen in growth of Taliban and al-Qaeda.ˈ

Asked by Italian Ambassador how he envisioned future of Iran in the midst of regional unrest, Ayatollah Rafsanjani said, ˈThe Islamic Republic of Iran is the safest state in the region and will remain the same in the future with regards to its defensive power, the democratic nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the popular base of the Iranian governing system and the experience it has gained in campaign against separatists and armed groups.ˈ

Referring to the Iranian longstanding civilization and that of Italy, Ayatollah Rafsanjani called for expansion of bilateral relations.

ˈThe arbitrary sanctions overshadowed bilateral ties, but future promises good days for cooperation between the Iranian and Italian governments and nations.ˈ

Referring to European Parliament elections, in which the European Union opposition parties won votes, Ayatollah Rafsanjani said all the issues show that democracy is gaining momentum in Europe.

Giansanti said for his part that his ambassadorial mission in Iran is over and would return to his country to undertake new responsibility.

ˈValuable experience I gained in Iran and Iˈm keen on enhanced cooperation between Italy and Iran and wherever I be, I will endeavor for promotion of ties.ˈ

He called Iran a ˈstableˈ country and said, ˈWe favor expansion of bilateral political, economic, trade and cultural relations and many Italian traders and companies are ready to work with Iran once sanctions are settled.ˈ

Referring to Iran as the Italian major trade partner, Giansanti said, ˈI do know that the private sector after amendment of the Article 44 of the Constitution by the Expediency Council, will undertake effective role for cooperation of foreign companies with Iranian investors and Italy enjoys the best capacity for cooperation in all levels.ˈ



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