Women need more happiness

Tehran, June 30, IRNA – Women are considered responsible for promoting love and affection in families, thus their happiness has a positive impact on society, said an Iranian sociologist.
Alieh Shekarbeigi added that family is a social institution that comprises husband, wife and children, though for a long time the Iranian society is dominated by men, said Mondayˈs edition of ˈIran Dailyˈ.

“Unfortunately, materialistic values have become dominant and well-off people experience more happiness in their lives,” she said.

Shekarbeigi noted that endeavors should be made to bridge the gap between the rich and poor, and provide all groups of people with welfare facilities.

She believes that in order to measure the level of happiness in the society, various factors should be taken into consideration, including success, wellbeing, popularity and farsightedness.

Shekarbeigi said that in addition to popularity, a human being needs acceptability, which will help the person assume social responsibility and achieve success.

“Nowadays, Iranian women are present in various social arenas and do their best to gain great achievements. Going to university and obtaining high degrees are among the tools of success for them,” she said.

Statistics show women have gained huge success in the field of higher education, such that they constitute nearly 60 percent of university students in Iran.

“Women are not able to use the means of success to enjoy the feelings of wellbeing and joy,” she said.

The sociologist noted that a human being needs to participate in social, political, civil and charitable activities to achieve one’s objectives and feel happiness.

Referring to the prevalence of divorce and family violence in the country, she said lack of enjoyment has caused a large number of women to feel dissatisfaction in their lives.

Shekarbeigi stressed that going to parks, charity institutions and friendship associations will help women achieve happiness and inner peace.

According to the US General Social Survey, women begin their lives more satisfied than men and then become less satisfied with every aspect of their lives as they age.



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