Economy of resistance saving the country

TEHRAN June 27 (Shana)–Living under sanctions emboldened the country to reduce oil exports [if necessary] and overcome the challenges arising from sanctions, even though oil sanctions did partly damage the country, Ali Agha Mohammadi, a member of Iran’s Expediency Council, said.

 Speaking at the 37th Conference of Media Outlook, Agha Mohammadi  noted that the country should follow the principles of the Economy of Resistance which aim at improving economic indexes and create an advanced country by relying on knowledge-based companies so to get the first place in the region in terms of scientific growth.

While the sanctions imposed against Iran are unprecedented in the world, the country is able to achieve sustainable development targets because in enjoys numerous potentials, the official said, adding figures show life expectancy in Iran has reached from 59 years to 74 years and the country ranks second in view of human resources growth.
He continued: “The Economy of Resistance targets will not come true unless there is an integrated and comprehensive planning as well as IRIB’s contribution in the media sphere.  
During the 37th Conference of Media Outlook, representatives from the government, Majlis and Expediency Council stressed on the realization of the Economy of Resistance targets as the only path toward progress, justice and a reliable method for solving the problems the country faces.



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