Iranian pilgrims captured by ISIS released, back to country

TEHRAN, June 25 (MNA) – Iran’s General Manager of Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization has said 73 Iranian pilgrims of Iraqi holy shrines who had been captured by terrorist ISIS are back to Iran ‘safe and sound.’

Terrorist ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) captured 73 Iranian pilgrims who had traveled to Iraq on their own. The pilgrims were taken hostage by the terrorists 10 days ago in Samera but Iraqi army made great efforts to release them.

After the pilgrims were captured in Samera by ISIS, Iranian and Iraqi officials pursued the case to secure the health of the pilgrims.

Cooperation between Iran and Iraq’s foreign ministries and Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization lead to their freedom.

Holy shrines of five Shiite imams are located in Iraqi cities of Karbala, Najaf, Samera, and Kadhmain, which are visited for pilgrimage by many throughout the year.

Iraq has been hit by terrorist attacks of ISIS two weeks ago with the province of Ninevah occupied by them.

Iraqi grand Ayatollah issued decrees to call followers for Jihad against the terrorist movement who intended to capture capital city of Baghdad.

Iranian government has already said that it would protect holy shrines of Shiite imams in Iraqi religious cities from ISIS.

By Mehr News Agency


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