US gallery to display Iranian calligraphy, typography

A collection of contemporary Iranian and Arabic typography and calligraphy works is slated to be showcased in Los Angeles.

The works will put on display during an exhibition entitled Local/Not Local that is to be mounted at the Inside/Outside Gallery of the Levantine Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

The event will host the artworks by Ebrahim Poustinchi, Kourosh Beigpour, Shilla Shakouri, Sam Anvari,  Milka Broukhim, Paymon Pojhan, Reem Hammad, and Yusef Al-Ahmad.

The exhibition will bring ancient calligraphy into the modern world and will link Western and Eastern design practices, the organizers explained.

The exhibition will be jointly curated by the US-based Iranian graphic designer Pouya Jahanshahi and The US-based Syrian graphic designer Maece Seirafi.

Considered one of the highest Islamic art forms, calligraphy became an indispensable part of Persian society in the beginning of the Islamic era so that it was not only practiced by professional artists but also by royalty and nobility.

In the 11th century six basic calligraphy styles became popular, which were referred to as, Naskh, Thuluth, Muhaqqaq, Rihani, Tauqi, and Riqa.

Nastaliq and Cursive Nastaliq are known as the most attractive Persian calligraphy styles, broadly used in copying Arabic words, romantic and epic Persian poetry and literary manuscripts.

Local/Not Local exhibition is scheduled to run from June 26 through August 29, 2014.

By Press TV


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