Silk Road stories to inspire Iranian animation

Iran is planning to make animation series inspired from the renowned stories about the reputed ancient route, Silk Road.

The series are slated to be produced by Iran’s Saba Animation Center and directed by Mohammad Reza Hanafi.

Titled Silky Tales, the series is composed of twenty six 15-minute episodes and set in Iran.

The stories are to center around three main characters including a young boy named Parsineh, his horse Rakhshineh and the boy’s uncle whom they live with.

The Silk Road, or Silk Route, is a series of trade and cultural transmission routes that were central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West and East by linking traders, merchants, pilgrims, nomads, and urban dwellers from China to the Mediterranean Sea during various periods of time.

Saba Animation, Arts, Multimedia Center has produced several remarkable animation series so far such as The Gem of the Seven Seas based on one of the stories of The Thousand and One Nights.

The center also produced a fantasy animation adapted from the selected fables of an ancient Persian literary book, The Marzbannameh.

By Press TV


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