Iran steps up security along borders: Official

Iran has intensified security measures along its borders amid escalating terrorist attacks in neighboring countries, says a top Iranian official.

“Considering the existing insecurity in neighboring countries, the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s borders has been enhanced by adopting certain measures,” said Iran’s Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs Ali Abdollahi in a Wednesday interview.

He stressed Iran’s full control over its borders and the country’s preparedness to deal with potential insecurity, adding, “We cannot wait for incidents to take place, therefore we always pursue and implement pre-emptive measures.”

The remarks come as Takfiri militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have captured several areas, including Mosul, the capital of Nineveh Province, along with parts of Kirkuk Province as well as the areas of Siniyah and Sulaiman Bek, located north of the capital Baghdad.

Iran has condemned the terrorist attacks in its neighboring country and expressed support for the Iraqi government and nation.

Some 500,000 Iraqis have fled their homes in Mosul after ISIL militants took control, fearing escalation of violence.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has asked the UN, the European Union, and the Arab League to help the country fight the terrorists.

By Press TV


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