Iran maintain top Asian football FIFA ranking

Kuala Lumpur (June 7, 2014) FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 contenders Iran maintained their top Asian ranking despite falling six places in the latest edition of the FIFA World Ranking.
In spite of falling to rank #43, Iran are still on top with another World Cup contending side Japan (#46) being the second highest in Asia followed by Korea Republic (#57) in third, Uzbekistan (#59) in fourth spot and Australia (#62) in fifth position in the Asian ranking.
Four of the top five Asian teams are playing in Brazil 2014 and Iran, who are in Group F, have Nigeria in the group who are ranked #44, one rank below Iran, a position the Africans maintained in the latest FIFA ranking.
Argentina are the highest ranked team in Iran’s group, having jumped two rungs to rank #5, while another Group F contender, Bosnia, now have rank #21, up four places from their previous rank.
Japan are the only team in Group C that recorded an improvement in ranking, having jumped one spot to rank #46. All the other teams in the group — Colombia (#8, down three ranks), Greece (#12, down two ranks) and Côte d’Ivoire (#23, down two ranks) — have fallen in the FIFA ranking.
Korea Republic went down two places to their current rank #57 and have Belgium (#11, up one rank) as the highest ranked team in Group H, while the other group contenders are Algeria (#22, up three ranks) and Russia (#19, down one rank).
Australia went down three places to their #62 spot but have world’s #1 and holders Spain who maintained their position in the latest ranking, the Netherlands (#15, maintained) and Chile (#14, down one rank).

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