Larijani: Syrians hate terrorists

TEHRAN, June 1 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament speaker has said Syrian election has a major and clear message: Syrians hate terrorists.

Ali Larijani, who was addressing the second meeting of parliaments’ commissions of Syrian friends in Tehran today, told that Syrian presidential elections emitted signals to the world that they supported peaceful conduct, and that “they hated terrorists.”

“Election in Syria was a conventional; elections are significant since reveal the national will of the country’s public; however, for Syria, it emits special messages to the world, which would made Tehran meeting a historic event,” said the speaker of the Parliament.

“The first message emitted by Syrian presidential elections is that the government respects people’s vote. We told the powers this fact since long ago, but they had been incredulous only to assume pretexts that Assad defied the public vote,” he added, and that “we proposed that  international observers be sent to Syria; they would not still accept and said instead that to decide on Syrian people’s future behind closed doors.”

“A small number of countries would not be eligible to meet behind the doors to decide on Syrian people’s future, a thing Syrians had not accepted either, basing their future on the result of elections,” said Larijani. “Another message was that they want independence. They take pride on an independent Syria and that they are ready to pay much for their ideals of government and support of the ruling system,” Larijani told the meeting.

He also made hints to support for those who sought their interests from outside Syria as a clear message of the elections. “Those parties we know well that they seek their short-term interests. They do not have any place among Christians, Druzis, Alawites, Shiites, and Kurds,” Larijani asserted.

He believed that different ethnic groups in Syria had a clear democratic demand to decide on their future. “Those who purchase luxury houses as a means to fight are not true representatives of Syria people,” Larijani said.

By Mehr News Agency


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