Beware of Takfiris in Mideast: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned against the spread of extremism, sectarianism and Takfiri militants across the Middle East.

Zarif said the common ground among what is taking place in Syria and Iraq is extremism, and the entire world must be awakened and stand against this danger.

The Iranian foreign minister made the remarks on the sidelines of the 17th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) foreign ministerial conference in the Algerian capital city of Algiers on Thursday.

The top Iranian diplomat also voiced strong opposition to foreign interference in the internal affairs of countries in the Middle East.

“Foreign intervention in regional countries must stop, and people must be given the right to determine their own destiny.”

“I am sure that Syrian people are determined to decide their own fate through unity,” Zarif stated, in reference to the upcoming presidential election in Syria.

“Political process in Syria constitutes the entrance of all parties that are interested in the country’s destiny, and I am certain that the ongoing process will eventually benefit the Syrian people,” he added.

Syria has announced that it will hold the presidential election on June 3. The Syrians living outside the country voted on May 28. The three presidential candidates in Syria include incumbent President Bashar al-Assad, Maher Abdel Hafiz Hajjar and Hassan Abdallah al-Nouri.

Syria has dismissed Western and opposition accusations that its presidential vote lacks credibility. Damascus says that it will hold a free and transparent election.

By Press TV


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