Gen salami :IRGC cmdr

Deputy IRGC chief: US, oppressors’ souvenir poverty, dependence

Oroumiyeh, May 28, IRNA – Deputy Commander of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps said souvenir of US, European, and Zionist arrogant powers, their local agents in Islamic countries has been poverty, corruption, raping women, disintegration, humiliation, catastrophe and trouble.
  Brigadier General Hossein Salami who was speaking at a ceremony titled ‘Sustainable Security, Real Border Guards’ said that the appointment of Prophet Muhammad (P) as the Messenger of Allah was the day when Almighty God called on the essence of His divine blessings to shoulder a grand, eternal prophethood.

The IRGC deputy commander compared the late Imam Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution and its continuation today with the Grand Prophet’s call for unity, and the enemies’ arraying of their forces against the Messenger of Allah then with that of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution today.

“Nobody believed that a small number of Muslims at the advent of Islam, devoid of military means and training, with little economic power, would manage to expand the power of Islam rapidly to every corner of the world then, and that was all by itself a divine miracle,” added Brigadier General Salami.

He referred to the sabotages of the arrogant powers in the region and in Islamic Iran, reiterating that beyond doubt the enemies of Islam and the world Muslims have never been well-wishers of the Islamic Ummah (nation), and they will never be so.

“The souvenir of the US, European, and Zionist arrogant powers, as well as their local mercenaries in Islamic lands has been none, but poverty, corruption, raping girls and women, disintegration, humiliation, catastrophe, and trouble (for the Muslim nations),” he said.

“Which country in the world has presently achieved justice and wellbeing under the supportive umbrella of the criminal United States? Call of Islam is definitely the call for unity, unless the Shi’a and Sunni Muslims would have disputes and antagonist engagements, which lead to weakening of their energy and the loss of the nations’ might,” said Brigadier General Salami.

The deputy commander in chief of the IRGC said that the arrogant powers are opposed to world nations’ grandeur and prestige, arguing, “Today the Syrian nation, which was a nation in peace and wellbeing, is a homeless and refugee nation, with their cities destroyed, their families dissociated, and many of their citizens defamed in their own country.”

“Iraq is an unsafe country in Iran’s neighborhood and women and children in that country are not safe even in their own homes,” he added.

Brigadier General Salami said that no country will achieve peace, freedom, and wellbeing under the umbrella of hegemonic powers, adding, “The Islamic Iran, despite being sieged in circles of insecurity today, thanks to the blessing of unity, enjoys a sustainable security and the sanctions for the Iranian nation served as factors leading them towards new peaks of success, and achieving modern technologies.”

The Deputy IRGC commander meanwhile referred to the cooperation of the Islamic Iranian border regions’ inhabitants in safeguarding the country’s borders throughout the long years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

“The border guards of the Islamic Iran, comprised of the entire Kurdish, Turkish, Balouchi, Arab and other tribes’ citizens, both before and after the Islamic Revolution, have shown that they do not permit any aggressor enemy, or opponent to breach our borders and invade our country, and this is sufficient proof for the supremacy of the Iranian moving and non-moving tribes compared to those of the other countries,” he argued.

The ‘Sustainable Security, Real Border Guards Conference’ was sponsored by the IRGC Northwest Command Headquarters and attended by top IRGC and Army commanders, as well as top provincial official and brave moving and non-moving tribal border guards of the country in Western Azarbaijan’s capital city, Oroumiyeh.



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