Nigeria thanks Iran president for supporting Nigerian kidnapped girls

A woman attends a demonstration calling on the government to rescue the kidnapped Chibok school girls, outside the defense headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, May 6, 2014.

Tehran, May 19, IRNA – Nigerian Ambassador to Tehran Tukur Mani on Wednesday thanked President Hassan Rouhani and Iranian nation as well as Foreign Ministry and Iranian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) for supporting the kidnapped Nigerian girls.
 Mani made the remarks in his statement to Conference on `Convergence against Terrorism and Extremismˈ.

The Conference was sponsored by the Foreign Ministry to rally international support for the kidnapped girls in Nigeria.

ˈSuch meetings, organized by the Islamic Republic of Iran government, is a sign of support for the Nigerian people and rallying international support for the safe release of the abducted girls.ˈ

Mani said since the Nigerian girls are kidnapped, the government has launched candid efforts for release of the girls and since then many countries have provided Nigerian government with technical assistance and counter-terrorism expertise and aerial and other kinds of support.

The Nigerian ambassador said release of the kidnapped girls is the most important concern of the Nigerian government.

He asked Iranian nation to help Nigerian government get rid of the current embarrassment to help release the kidnapped girls.

ˈNigerian government would not spare any efforts for freedom of the girls.ˈ



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