Iran, Iraq relations benefit both: Zarif

TEHRAN, May 19 (MNA) – Iran’s FM in a meeting with Iraq’s Chief Justice today in Tehran has said relations between the two countries would benefit both.

Medhat al-Mahmoud met with Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif today and in the meeting the foreign minister congratulated Iraqi people for successful parliament elections which were held recently.

Zarif made hints to deep and long relations between the two nations and said that ‘strategic cooperation of the two countries is very important;’ and added that ‘expansion of bilateral ties in different scopes like economic, commercial and technological fields proves both sides’ intentions regarding this matter.”

He maintained that relations of Iran and Iraq would benefit both nations and mentioned that judiciary cooperation should be boosted as much as possible.

He also made hints to the detained Iranian pilgrims who entered Iraq illegally to visit the holy shrines there and asked Iraqi judiciary system to cooperate to have clemency in their trials.

Mahmoud said the high turnout of Iraqi people in the recent elections shows the nation’s will and thanked Iranian officials for congratulating Iraq on the democratic elections.

He made hints to the Iraqi high ranking judiciary delegation goal in their visit to Iran to get familiar with Iranian experiences at judiciary aspects.

Mahmoud added that ‘relations of both nations are long and deep’ and explained measures taken by the judiciary system of Iraq regarding detained Iranians case.

Medhat al-Mahmoud heading an Iraqi judiciary delegation arrived in Tehran Sunday and after paying tribute to Imam Khomeini at his mausoleum met with president Rouhani and Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani to discuss bilateral and judiciary cooperation.

By Mehr News Agency


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