Iran’s non-oil exports total $2.824 billion

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran’s non-oil exports totaled 2.824 billion dollars, growing 10.4 percent.

The non-oil exports, considering gas condensations and excluding gas and oil, hit 2.824 billion dollars from March 21-April 20. The country’s imports reached 2.514 billion dollars.

Iran’s non-oil exports and imports respectively weighed 6. 236 and 2.644 million tons, respectively growing by 5.45 and 39.74 percent comparing to similar period last year.

Iran’s exports include liquefied propane for 121 million dollars, liquefied butane for 131 million dollars and methanol for 102 million dollars. China, Iraq, the UAE, India and Afghanistan were main markets of Iranian goods.



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