Iran English language newspaper headlines on Tuesday, 29-04-2014

Iran Daily


Iran to Austria: Use opportunity for better ties

President Hassan Rouhani says Austria should use the opportunity for expansion of ties with Iran.


Assad seeks reelection

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared on Monday he will seek reelection in June.


Army equipped with new high-precision solid-fuel missile

A new solid-fuel missile with high destructive power, now in possession of the Army Ground Force, can hit targets with pinpoint accuracy, a senior Army commander said.


Protesters declare independent republic in Ukraine’s Luhansk

Pro-Russian protesters declared early Monday creation of the people’s republic in the eastern Ukrainian city of Luhansk, a video posted on Youtube showed.

Italian parliamentary team to visit Iran

An Italian parliamentary delegation is slated to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran early next month for talks with the country’s authorities.


President calls for all-out fight against terrorism

President Hassan Rouhani has described terrorism as a great threat to the region and called on all states to fight against it in the world.


Naval flotilla back home after goodwill mission

The 29th flotilla of Iranian navy ships berthed in the port city of Bandar Abbas in Hormuzgan province on Monday.


UK official in Tehran for talks

British Foreign Office Political Director Simon Gass is in Tehran for talks with senior Iranian officials.