Kamalvandi: IAEA should carry normal supervision on Iranian nuclear sites

Tehran, April 9, IRNA – The International Atomic Energy Agency should carry normal supervision on Iranian nuclear sites, spokesman for Iranˈs Atomic Energy Organization Behrouz Kamalvandi said on Wednesday.

The spokesman cited the guidelines of the Supreme Leader about supervision of the UN nuclear agency over the Iranian nuclear sites making clear that it must not exceed the boundaries stipulated by the IAEA Chater.

Meanwhile, the spokesman said that the Iranian nuclear scientists will proceed with Research and Development as per the guidelines of the Supreme Leader.

The spokesman said that Iranian negotiating team are well aware of the fact that the rights of Iranian nation in making use of peaceful nuclear energy should be preserved.

Research and Development is Iranˈs legitimate right and should be observed without any limits, Kamalvandi said.

He said that Iran has successfully overcome the difficulties created by the adversaries and has attained new development and success accordingly.

Meanwhile, Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali-Akbar Salehi on Wednesday inaugurated an oxygen 18 production unit at Arak site and new control panel of Tehran research reactor.

Oxygen 18 which can be used in medical treatment, industry and environmental activities is produced in Iran for the first time and only a few countries in the world have access to it.

The new control panel of Tehran research reactor as one of the most modern control panels was designed in Iran.

He expressed the hope that through resistance of Iranian noble nation, the efforts of their scientists and the guidelines of the Supreme Leader, the countryˈs nuclear rights would be secured.



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