Special committee set up to pursue release of abducted Iranian border guards

Tehran, March 28, IRNA – A special committee has been set up to probe into the fate of five Iranian border guards who were kidnapped into Pakistan on February 6 by Jeish al-Adl terrorist group, said a senior official with Foreign Ministry.

Ebrahim Rahimpour, Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs, told IRNA on Friday that Foreign Ministry has a close watch on the case, and following unconfirmed reports saying Jeish al-Adl terrorist group had killed one of the border guards, the Foreign Ministry set up a special committee to accelerate the investigations into the incident.

President Hassan Rouhani has ordered the Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry to take the necessary steps, Rahimpour said, adding, the Foreign Ministry has urged all related bodies to present their documents in this regard so that it can be able to do its best to secure the release of the border guards.

Referring to continuous contact between Iranian and Pakistani officials since the abduction happened, Rahimpour said Pakistani officials have agreed to further cooperate with Iran to solve the problem.

The Iranian diplomat also noted that Iran will follow up the case through international bodies, including the UN Security Council.

As Pakistanˈs government has not confirmed the claims by Jeish al-Adl terrprist group regarding the killing of one of the Iranian border guards, Iran cannot confirm them either, he said.

He also said there are clues showing the kidnapping of Iranian border guards along Pakistani border, explosions in Peshawar, Pakistan and Lebanese capital, Beirut and terrorist attack on Iranian technicians working on a pipeline in Iraq were planned by the same source.



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