Iran rejects abducted guard’s execution

A frame grab of a footage broadcast by Saudi Arabia’s al-Arabiya TV channel on February 17, 2014, showing five Iranian border guards abducted by the Jaish-ul-Adl Takfiri terrorist group.

TEHRAN, March 24 (MNA) – Iranian Interior Ministry has not confirmed reports about one of the five kidnapped border guard’s execution news which was claimed by Jaysh- Al-Adl terrorist group on its twitter age.

Iranian Interior Ministry Deputy Hossein Ali Amiri told ISNA late on Sunday that “the ministry rejects the Iranian hostage’s exeution and all five border guards are in good health unless the Interior Ministry would know about it.”

On February 6, five Iranian border guards were abducted by Jaysh Al-Adl terrorist group in the Jakigour region, on the border with Pakistan. They were transferred to the Pakistani territory.

Iran and Pakistan had established a Joint Border Commission over Iranian kidnapped border guards and discussed necessity of serious action against the border-terrorism.

Pakistan had already promised to cooperate ‘positively and effectively on kidnapped Iranian border guards issue.

Jaysh al-Adl terrorist group cleiamed through a post in its weblog that they had killed one of the five abducted border guards, Jamshid Danaei Far but Iranians officials reject the claim.

By Mehr News Agency


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